Because we care

You all have heard about the terrible fires in Greece, Mati, Rafina and Kineti.

The places did not affected our homes, but still, it is truly a disaster.

The help of Athens Stray Kittens – ASK has been asked and ofcourse we couldn’t say no.

Up to now, we have managed to catch 4 cats and brought them to the vet and some of them are already good enough to come in our overcrowded foster homes.

We really can use help with the cats in order to help the victims of the fires.

Please, consider to foster or adopt one our cats. This way we hope to make place for the ones who need to come back to health after this terrible ordeal. They can’t go back to the streets, some of them are still in shock.

Be a part of their lifeline.

When you can help in what way or so ever, please send an email or look at our website.

Here you can read some stories of what we found during our search for wounded animals.