Naam: Teresa

Kleur:  Rood/ wit

Geboortedatum:  Juli 2o21

Geslacht:  Vrouwelijk



Teresa was found in an urban park, as a kitten 8-9 weeks old. She was alone, scared and shy, but food worked and she was soon in a safe foster spot, before getting crashed from the cars in the road nearby. She is fostered in the warehouse spot with high fence together with more recued kittens.
Teresa is shy at first and needs her time to adapt in a new environment. She likes to hide in her cat box and relax, sleep and watch from there the big world around her. She likes to explore when it is quiet and she likes to play with cat toys. She gets easily scared, still appreciates cuddles from people she knows and trusts. She needs her time to open up and prefers to be with people she already knows, she avoids strangers.
Indoors only.
Vaccinated, neutered, tested negative.
Born July 2021.