Toni & Jane

Naam: Toni & Jane

Kleur: Black & Tabby/ grijs/zwart

Geboortedatum: Mei 2022

Geslacht: Male and Female


Toni and Jane were found crying for their cat mum in some bushes in a park. The cat mum was nowhere to be found despite the volunteer’s efforts.
The kittens were taking for bottle feeding in the warehouse.

Jane had infected eyes and had eye drops to stop the inflammation, however the right eye bulb could not be saved. Eye extraction surgery will done shortly.
Toni has a birth dysplasia on the knee bone left back leg, which is not a problem for him and is not operational either. The dysplasia Toni has is a longer healhty bone between knee and paw (shown in X-ray).
Now they are fostered together with more rescued kittens in an apartment.

Toni and Jane are two happy kittens full of love for people and other cats!
Tania is the black girl and Jane is the gray girl.

Jane, the one eye girl, is very sweet and cuddly, she wants more and more cuddles and loves everyone.
Toni, the back boy, looks a little reserved at first, but as soon as cuddles start, then he wants more and more.
They are both very sociable, tender, cuddly and easy-going. They love to interact, play and cuddle. They love cat toys and food and love to explore the world around them with all new things.
They love each other and share daily moments during meals, sleep, cleaning and playing. Sociable with cats as well.

Indoors only.
Vaccinated, neutered.
Born May 2022.