Naam: Sunny

Kleur: Tabby/ grijs/wit/zwart/rood

Geboortedatum: Mei 2022

Geslacht: Vrouwelijk



Sunny was found meowing desperately under a fridge of ice cream at a tobacco kiosk one night that the volunteer stopped there to buy something.

The previous night the volunteer had also seen an older kitten there at the same point and she left broken heart thinking that she can’t save them all and that she was old enough to make it and survive there.

This time she couldn’t leave the baby there, because her cries were so loud and desperate. So she took the tiny creature with her in her bag. Then regretted for leaving the older one the previous day and she took her with her as well.

She there made friends with other kittens fostered and is tame and calm and sweet.

The volunteer remembered that some days before she had received a phone call from a friend who told her that she saw two kittens, a bigger and a smaller one in the street under the bushes and she had replied that she couldn’t take them because she is so full of fostered cats, but it is different when you find them and see them with your own eyes. You can’t overpass, no matter how difficult your life is…

Sunny has beautiful and very big eyes that melt your heart. Her fur is grey, ginger, white.
Lena, the generous foster cat mom with the greatest sweet heart, has accepted her as well under her wings and takes very good care of her. This way Sunny has blossomed very fast with love and food and gained weight.
Sunny is an adorable, sweet girl full of love. She loves cuddles and hugs. She is low profile, cuddly and playful.
Also needs a friend to play with.

Indoors only.
Born May 2022.