Naam: Silverino

Kleur: Silver Grey

Geboortedatum: April2022

Geslacht: Male


A litter of 5 kittens were found inside a plastic bag inside a garbage bin. They were very tiny, only a few days old. They were lucky they were found in time. They were taken for bottle feeding in the warehouse.

They are fostered in a warehouse with small garden and high fence, together with more rescued kittens, as the few foster homes are already full with kittens, despite all our efforts in neutering programs.
One was adopted.

The 4 kittens are also best friends and they would love to be adopted with one of their siblings.
Silverino is the silver grey boy, Sivas is the black boy, Stella the calico girl and Selman the gray tabby boy.

Silverino vas loves people and cats, loves to play and climb and run. Enjoys every little cat toy and cat trees.
He wants hugs and cuddles and loves to sit on the lap for more cuddles. He needs a playmate.
In his back legs he has an extra nail higher than the paw level (like dogs). It is “decorative”, not connecting with reflexes, the vet said we do nothing about it.

Indoors only.
Vaccinated, neutered.
Born April 2022.