Naam: Sakis

Kleur: Rood/wit

Geboortedatum: Augustus 2021

Geslacht: Mannelijk


Sakis, a ginger white boy, born August 2021.

Sakis was introduced to us by the vet, who asked for fostering as his best friend Mitsakos was limping after a car accident and monitoring was necessary. He healed well and felt at home in the foster place making new friends with other cats. He is best friends with Mitsakos, but easily adapts with new cats anyway.

Sakis is a sweet and loving boy, sociable and happy, easy-going and playful. Sometimes he lies down next to his food eating slowly and enjoying there is enough food for him. His look is a common ginger white cat, still his manners make him a special cuddly and affectionate boy with a kind heart. He is calm and relaxed and loves cat baskets and comfortable spots with a view.

Sakis is vaccinated and neutered.