Naam: Roubel

Kleur:  Rood/ Wit

Geboortedatum: Juni 2019

Geslacht: Mannelijk

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Roubel was found in a parking lot following people around and crying unable to eat, his mouth was dirty with saliva around it. A volunteer caught him and rushed him to the clinic. After antibiotics, care, neutering and teeth extractions, Roubel started feeling better. He was shy, because he was in constant pain.
During the first days in the foster home he was coming cautiously to our legs to be petted, showing his need to approach us. If we started to move our legs, he would get scared and step back. It was pretty obvious he was kicked a lot in the streets. 😥 With time he trusted our legs and us more and more and learned he can come close to us without abuse and fear.
Today he has overcome his fear, he is healthy, chubby and a real love bug that will follow you around asking to be petted ♥️!
He gets along great with cats of all ages and loves home life with people.

Vaccinated, neutered, tested FIV positive, FeLV negative.
Born approximately June 2019.