Naam: Ritsa

Kleur:  Zwart

Geboortedatum:  September 2020

Geslacht:  Vrouwelijk


Ritsa was found during a TNR (trap-neuter-release) program in Salamina island, near Athens. She was hanging around in the central square of a local village, where she could find food from volunteers along with other cats (but not medical care or neutering due to limited personal financial resources).
Her right front leg was injured from some accident and she received medication for this. It took about a month to recover and the X-ray was clear from any fracture.
In addition her tail is broken and she cannot feel it. She has not a problem with this, the vet will decide if amputation is necessary later.
Ritsa is a happy cat, she likes sitting in high spots and monitor-watch inside and outside activities. When someone passes near her, she pulls out her leg to catch the human hand and ask for cuddles on her head and attention. Sometimes she doesn’t like to be stroked on her body and goes away, so she needs someone who accepts her as she is. With a few cuddles around her face, she is happy again. She loves to interact with people.
Otherwise she is a very quiet cat and she will love to be an only cat. She gets along ok with dogs, but doesn’t like other cats, just tolerates them. She has a strong hunting instict, so indoors/outdoors safety is important for her. She could be an outdoor cat in a safe place after a few months of indoors acquaintance.

Neutered, vaccinated, tested negative. Born September 2020.