Naam: Rina

Kleur: Zwart

Geboortedatum: March 2022

Geslacht: Vrouwelijk


Rina was born at 21st of March 2022.

Her mother was a stray cat and gave birth to five kittens. Unfortunatelly, when the kittens were 1,5 months old, they fell ill with panleukopenoa and died, despite the vet’s great efforts.

Rina is the only one who managed to survive, so she is considered to be a great hero of life, with a remarkably strong body health. Typhus left her just a slight instability at her hind legs, a neurological symptom that does not prevent her from being a happy, playfool little lady. Of course, Rina can not go back to the streets, where her mother lives.

So, for the last 6 months she has been living with a foster family, looking for her forever home.

She is very sweet and cuddles, and humam centered. She gets along very well with the other cats, and she always tries to defend and protect the weakling ones from the bullies!
So, this is our sweet Rina, who deserves the best after all that she has been through.

Vaccinated, neutered, tested negative.
Born March 2022.