Remi – Fostered in the Netherlands

Naam: Remi

Kleur: White/black

Geboortedatum: March 2022

Geslacht: Male


In a cat colony of mostly neutered cats, one feral cat was always escaping the trap. She gave birth to a kitten and in a next effort, they were trapped together. The cat mum got neutered and released back in her colony.

The kitten was scared with watery eyes and started eye drop treatment. He did very well and in a few days his healthy left eye was open again. The right eye bulb was already destroyed, so he had eye removel surgery.

Remi is a shy kitten that wants to watch things for his safety distance. He needs his time to adapt and needs a playmate to sleep and play together. He needs a relaxed family, with love and patience for him. He is sociable with other cats and loves warm, soft safe places of all kinds.

Indoors only.
Vaccinated, neutered, tested negative.
Born March 2022