Raccoon – pre reserved

Naam: Raccoon

Kleur: Grey

Geboortedatum: June 2022

Geslacht: Male


Raccoon was rescued during a TNR program when he was a kitten 4 months old.

He had watery eyes and sneezing.

As a result the cornea of his right eye remained a little bit blurry, which in no problem for his vision.

Raccoon looks a little shy at first, but as soon as he feels safe he will fascinate you with his adorable character. He trusts more his family than strangers. He needs a relaxed family, no children.

He adores petting and cuddles and he loves playing with balls and laces.
Sociable with other cats, can be an only cat as well.

Indoors only.
Vaccinated, sterilized, fiv/felv negative.
Born June 2022.