Naam: Piccolino

Kleur: Grijs

Geboortedatum: September 2021

Geslacht: Mannelijk



Piccolino’s gloomy face and character got our attention, from the first day he showed up in our colonies. A small sized kitten, trying to blend in with other cats, but too shy and scared to claim for his food. As a result he was constantly getting bullied and he was wandering around in the area looking for safety and crying out to us.
The moment we petted him and lifted him, we noticed that a bone was weirdly dislocated on his chest and under, there was a hernia.

We took him instantly in foster care and set a vet appointment. A week later, Piccolino took a surgery to have the umbilical hernia removed and also check on the weird chest bone. In the last photos you can see his belly after hernia surgery.
The vet diagnosed that the sternum bone in the last part was deformed from some accident or human kick. It looks as an old injury and nothing can be done to have it fixed. It’s not causing Piccolino any problem in his daily living and we are relieved to know that Piccolino is healthy and can have a normal life.

Over time in his foster care, his gloomy face slowly gets more happy and smiley. He feels safe and opens up his tender and affectionate character more and more. He started playing with the other cats , being cheeky and naugthy.

Would you like to offer Piccolino a bigger smile? Adopt this gloomy boy and be his forever family. The ideal house should be relatively calm and quiet to boost his confidence.
He can be an only cat, but he can also be adopted along with Tolis, his buddy at his foster house.

Piccolino is vaccinated, neutered and tested Negative to Felv/fiv.

You can find a video of Piccolino on https://www.youtube.com/shorts/EdJObl5fnJk