Persefoni – gereserveerd

Naam: Persefoni

Kleur: calico rood/wit/grijs

Geboortedatum: 2017

Geslacht: Vrouwelijk

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Persefoni, a deaf calico FIV+ girl with ataxia, from 2017. 
She is a very special and sweet cat. She recently lost her human mother and is now in foster with other cats.
Persefoni is deaf and quiet with relaxed manners, looks like she has some genes from Persian breed. She also has light ataxia in back legs and light head inclination since birth (no ear infection). Also she has been tested FV postive.
She is vaccinated and neutered.
Persefoni loves and trusts people and adores cuddles. Most of all she loves to relax on a bed or cat basket with warm and comfy blankets. She is an extremely cuddly and tender cat and loves to be petted and sit-sleep next to her person. She is also independent if she stays alone for hours.

She is not much interested in exploring around, has a relaxed nature. She is also very nice with children.
She is tolerant with other pets. Ideally she needs to be an only or together with another relaxed pet that keeps a safe distance.
You can find videos of Persefoni on Youtube:
She likes only dry food specific brands, like EN Purina, Brekkies.