Naam: Nemo

Kleur:  Grey tabby

Geboortedatum:  June 2017

Geslacht:  Male


Nemo was found in summer 2022 after being hit by a car and having an bad open fracture in his hind right leg.
He was taken to the vet, surgery was performed and he was lucky that everything went well.
So, Nemo is healthy and happy and 4 strong legs and can run and play and climb like before.

Nemo is a very cuddly and very sociable cat. He loves people and knows dogs and cats. He needs a relaxed environment with fenced yard or catio, as he likes to move around and explore.
Nemo likes to socialise with people, can be an only cat. Better no dominant males with him.
He loves to play and cuddles, to sit and sleep with us, to be around humans.

Indoors or safe yard only.
Vaccinated, neutered, tested negative.
Born June 2017.