Naam: Nama

Kleur: White and grey

Geboortedatum: June 2022

Geslacht: Female


Nama was found in a TNR program in the refugee camp in Northern Greece.

There are always so many cats in bad condition durng TNRS that we cannot help them all besides offering a treatment and neuterings. After that they are released outdoors again, even if they are super friendly.

Various days in the row the volunteers were trapping and neutering.
Too many kittens were sick as well, and very few of the friendly kittens after the vet clinic were taken in foster care.

Nama is one of the kittens, because she had eye infection. She was treated and is now healthy and happy. However, she has lost her right eye.

Nama is a really sweet cat. She loves to live in a house with calmness, safety and treats. She likes pets’ company (dogs and cats in the foster home) and loves people for cuddles and hugs.
Nama is ready to go to her forever home. She is neutered, fully vaccinated and tested negative.

By her looks she has some siamese genes.
Indoors only.
Born June 2022