Naam: Murphy

Kleur: Schildpad/zwart/rood/wit

Geboortedatum: Mei 2022

Geslacht: Vrouwelijk


Name: Murphy

Gender : Female

Color: Tortoise

Date of birth: May 2022

Basic characteristics: Very affectionate and cuddly, tender, soft and loving characters, sociable with cats and very playful. For indoor living, with a net fenced balcony.

Murphy was left to us by a young motorcyclist who found her crying on the side of a heavy traffic avenue. Few meters down, he saw a sibling of hers killed by a car. He took her in his jacket and intended to leave her in one of our colonies. By the time he reached the spot, he was unaware that the care volunteer was only a few meters next. This is how we learned Murphy’s story.

Being unable to keep the kitten for himself, the volunteer took the tiny one at her house since she was too small and tiny to survive out with the adult ones.

Murphy is super cuddly, super smart and simply adorable. Her color patterns on her fur along with her posture, reminds us of beautiful felines in the wild. She loves to play around, run speedy and enjoys climbing up high on the cat net. She teases the adult ones and is everyone’s favorite at her foster home. She has lots of buddies, so if you consider adopting two, she will be happy to bring along one of them. She is a very loving character, very easy going and will definitely be a wonderful loving human companion.

She is vaccinated, tested negative to Felv/Fiv.