Mirela & Misirlou

Naam: Mirela & Misirlou

Kleur: Calico/ Zwart/Rood/Wit en Zwart

Geboortedatum: April 2022

Geslacht: Vrouwelijk


Mirela and Misirlou were found inside a carton box next to a garbage bin when they were only weeks old.
They were taken to the warehouse with small garden and high fence, and a volunteer took over bottle feeding until they were able to eat on their own. They are fostered together with more rescued kittens, as the few foster homes are already full with kittens despite all our efforts in neutering programs.

Mirela and Misirlou are two happy kittens full of love for people and other cats!

Mirela is the 3 color calico girl and Misirlou is the black girl.

They are sociable, tender, cuddly and easy-going. They love to interact, play and cuddle. They love cat toys and food and love to explore the world around them with all new things.
They love each other and share daily moments during meals, sleep, cleaning and playing.

Indoors only.
Vaccinated and neutered
Born april 2022