Naam: Miki

Kleur: Zwart/Wit

Geboortedatum: Juni 2022

Geslacht: Mannelijk


Miki was found during a TNR program in Athens.
He was hiding with his siblings under rocks near the sea, struggling to get some food when it was offered by the locals.
We took him for eye extraction surgery and very fast he started feeling better and trusting his new life.

Miki loves cats and humans, he loves home life. Within a little time he blossomed to start playing and cuddling all the time.

He loves contact and cuddles, he wants to be near people with his discrete and gentle manners. He purrs happily when he receives affection and wants more, he loves to sleep next to his foster whenever possible.

A very sweet and tender boy, sociable with everyone.
He likes to relax in cat baskets and cat trees, loves soft fleece blankets and cat toys.
Video in https://youtu.be/w0qmFu7QLKI

He needs a relaxed family and a cat friend with him.
Vaccinated, neutered, tested negative.
Born June 2022.