Mel -In opvang in NL

Naam:  Mel

Kleur:  Zwart/ wit

Geboortedatum:  Maart 2021

Geslacht:  Mannelijk


When I was at home, I heard a kitten miaowing. At first I thought it was one of my foster kittens, but could not find which one. Then I realised it was coming from the open window and the garden. The walk in the garden discovered a tiny kitten hiding in a corner under the plants. Luckily he was easy to catch despite his fear. He started purring immeditely when in my arms, happy he had company and a warm hug. The vet visit proved his right eye is totally damaged and surgery for eye extraction was booked.
At first he was reserved at home watching the other kittens. In the next days Mel felt more and more confident to walk,explore, play and enjoy cat life together with his new friends.
Mel loves people and wants cuddles and hugs returning with his purring and affection. Playful, sweet, relaxed and happy.
Vaccinated. Ofcourse indoors only and needs a catfriend.
Born March 2021.