Naam: Mata

Kleur: Picolo zilvergrijs/wit/roze

Geboortedatum: Juni 2019

Geslacht: Vrouwelijk



Mata is currently living in Greece, at the appartement of an elderly lade who unfortunately passed away recently. The lady was taking care of 32 cats in her appartement, which is why her cats will be released back in the street, unless there will be homes found for them. At this moment a volunteer is feeding and cleaning the appartement once a day, but soon another solution has to be found. Other volunteers have full homes with strays and cannot offer to help there as well. Unfortunately, there is no state care for strays or elderly people in Greece.

Mata is an extremely sociable and cuddly cat that loves people. She gets along well with people, children, dogs and cats. She can be an only cat as well, since she adores humans and wants to be with them.
She has a gentle, kind and sweet nature, always affectionate and purring. Discrete and and low profile.

Mata was born in June 2019. She is vaccinated and neutered. She has cloudy eyes due to cat flu since kitten, but can see well enough. She was tested FIV positive, FeLV negative.

Her fur has pale pink, silver gray and white colors.

Indoors only.

You can find a video of Mata via this link on Youtube.