Naam: Marylin

Kleur: Calico rood/wit/zwart

Geboortedatum: Januari 2020

Geslacht: Vrouwelijk



Marylin was found in winter 2020 together with her siblings and taken in foster with bottle-feeding. She was adopted, but her caretaker passed away unexpectedly and she is now back in foster care.
So, Marylin is looking for a new family again, her forever home, as she loves humans and loves to live with us.

Marylin is extremely social with cats, dogs, children and all people. She has a singing meow sound and always likes to respond when we talk to her. She is a tender and gentle cat. A happy and playful cat who loves to play with cat toys and to interact with her environment. She is also extremely smart and intuitive. Eats everything and love her toys.
She loves everyone and everything and trusts all.

At the moment she is a bit stressed, because she lost her person.

She is neutered and vaccinated and tested negative.

Her name, comes from the moll in her chick – also from the same actress.
So please meet Marylin, who is trying to find her home again and restore her faith in humanity.