Geadopteerd – Lurpak

Naam: Lurpak

Kleur:  Rood

Geboortedatum: November 2021

Geslacht: Mannelijk



Lurpak, appeared one night to a volunteer’s area, literally out of the blue, during her feeding walk around.
He made a leap on her feet, begging for cuddles and hugs. It was so evident that this boy was totally unfit to stray living, completely naive and innocent of his surroundings. The only decision to be made, was to take him in foster care. Having no carrier at the time, she simply lifted him and walked a distance up to her car. Lurpak, was the happiest cat of all. He made no effort to jump off her lap, on the contrary, he hugged her firmly and enjoyed the walk.
He had an overnight stay in her car, slept like a baby and drove happily to foster house the morning after.
He is the most funny character, totally obliviant of dangers and fear. He simply trusts and love all. He is very attached to humans and would be an ideal companion for kids too. After all, he is a kid himself.
He gets along well with everyone around him, peopel and pets.

Basic characteristics: Very affectionate and cuddly, tender, soft and loving character, very easy going. Ideal companion to family with kids too.


Lurpak is neutered, vaccinated and tested Negative to Felv/fiv.
Born November 2021.