Lisa & Remi *in Nederland*

Naam: Lisa & Remi

Kleur: Calico & black and White

Geboortedatum: Mei 2022 & Juni 2022

Geslacht: Vrouwelijk & mannelijk


Lisa is the calico girl born June 2022 and
Remi is the white black boy born March 2022.
Lisa is blind and Remi has a cloudy right eye. They were found as kittens of 3 months old during TNR (=trap-neuter-release) programs in Athens.

Lisa was hiding with her siblings under rocks near the sea, struggling to get some food when it was offered by the locals.
Remi was climbing on bushes and tress to protect himself from cars in a central street.

They had eye extractions and started feeling healhty and strong, they gained weight and started playing with cat friends.
Lisa and Remi met in the foster home and became best friends.

Lisa is reserved with people and likes cats. She is a low profile kitten that first of all wants to feel safe and happy. Independent and grateful for the home life offered to her. Occasionally accepts cuddles.
She likes to relax in cat baskets and cat trees. She loves soft fleece blankets and cat toys.

Remi is more shy and avoids cuddles, he prefers to keep a distance from noisy situations. He loves living in a home and feeling safe. He needs to have a cat friend and trusts Lisa.
He likes to relax in cat baskets and cat trees. He loves soft fleece blankets and cat toys. And Remi just loves to hide under blankets.

They needs a relaxed and safe environment with cat experienced people to offer love and patience.
Vaccinated, neutered, tested negative.