Naam: Leonardo

Kleur:  Zwart/ wit

Geboortedatum:  Mei 2019

Geslacht:  Mannelijk


We met Leonardo during a TNR (Trap-Neuter-Release) program. He was a thin cat in poor condition, probably from 2 bad teeth as the vet said. He approached the volunteers for cuddles and soon found himself to the vet for neutering and teeth extraction. Because of his gentle character we thought he deserves a chance for a loving family, so he was not released back in the stray cat colony.

Leonardo is happy to be fostered in the warehouse and he appreciates the safety, food and calm in this foster spot. He welcomes visitors and gets along well with all cats there. He is grateful to receive cuddles and more cuddles, he likes to join us discretely to see what we do and to hang around, just in case someone give him an extra cuddle. He has gentle manners and can be an only cat or together with more cats. He avoids fighting and problems, loves his cat basket and having company.
Vaccinated, neutered.
Born May 2019