Daniel & Julie

Naam: Julie & Daniel

Kleur:  Calico/ rood/ wit/ grijs + Tabby/ grijs/ bruin/ zwart

Geboortedatum: Augustus 2018

Geslacht: Vrouwelijk en mannelijk

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In September 2018, Julie and Daniel along with their sister Nellita were found callously abandoned in a cardboard box at a cat colony we take care of. Unfortunately this is a very common way of getting rid of strays in Greece, still we could not go away and just leave the three defenceless 4-week-old babies behind. We took them immediately into a safe foster place.

Daniel is the best cuddle buddy anyone could ask for, while his sister Julie is a bit shy at the beginning but once you’ve earned her trust she will shower you with lots of love and be a great friend.
They love to be together as Julie gains confidence with Daniel and Daniel likes to take care of her.
They love hom life and people, each kitten with his different loving ways.

Julie and Daniel, born in August 2018, are spayed/neutered, fully vaccinated and negative to FIV and FeLV.