Johnny, Fostered in the Netherlands

Naam: Johnny

Kleur:  Wit/ rood

Geboortedatum:  April 2021

Geslacht:  Mannelijk


Johnny was found in a industrial area og Athens, between 3 automobiles maintenance sites.
As we were there to see a car, he went to the glass door of the VW Entrance and was knocking to get in.
As we learned from the employees, he was the only survivor of 3 kittens that found shelter in the area.
He lived in between the cars, or inside them. We found him completely skinny, with wounds and full of mechanical oil – and that is the name from the same song. It was obvious nobody cared to feed him from fear of staying there, despite the fact he was friendly as we found out when we caught him…
We took him home in foster with our cats and it took us 4 baths to get him clean.
Johnny is the happiness of life, the celebration of life. He is happy and energetic, loves to play, loves to eat, loves everyone around him, humans and pets. He is purring a lot, so happy to feel safe and loved. He likes to follow us around, loves attention and tenderness offered to him. He is lovely companion, ideally with a playmate to share the fun.

In the last photo is how he was found.

Video in:

Indoors only or with safe yard.
Vaccinated, neutered, tested negative FIV-FeLV.
Born April 2021.