Hope & Telaraki

Naam:Hope grey girl & Telaraki black white boy

Kleur: Grey tabby, black & white

Geboortedatum: April 2022

Geslacht: Female & Male


Hope was found dying from starvation on a highway when she was rescued. She was literally dying from lack of food, she was already 3 months old, but was just a bag of skin and bones that weighed only 470 grams.

Telaraki was found in a bus station and someone had placed him inside an open plastic box (=telaro in greek, so this is how he got his name). It was the only precaution offered to him, in order to stay away from the busses.

Hope soon managed to grow strong, still she is scared of people and finds it hard to trust humans. She rarely accepts cuddles and wants her feet on the ground. She will definitely need adjusting time and patience from an experienced cat person with understanding.
Hope has velvet fur and unique grey color. The first time Hope ever played with a cat was with her best friend, Telaraki. From the moment they met in the foster home, they are always together in their activities, play, eat, sleep, explore and relax.

Telaraki is a sweet darling that loves everyone and likes to socialize with people and cats. He lobes cuddles and hugs, loves to chace ribbons and balls. He loves belly and chin rubbing and likes to sit with people.

Those two love each other very dearly and are best pals in every aspect, so they need to be adopted together.

Indoors only. Or complete fenced garden or balcony

Vaccinated, neutered, FIV/FeLV negative.
Born April 2022.