Naam: Goufi

Kleur: Tabby/ Grijs/Zwart/wit

Geboortedatum: Mei 2019

Geslacht: Mannelijk

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Goufi was found as a kitten from a volunteer taking care of strays in an archeological site in a city of Northern Greece.
Most cats there are neutered and we continue neutering.

Goufi was taken in foster because he simply loves people. From the first moment he wants hugs and cuddles and is too “innocent” to survive outdoors for long.

He is a very sociable and tender cat. He likes to follow people and especially people he knows. He gets along well with cats and dogs. And he also likes to sit in the car for a ride without a box!
A clever and purring companion that can fit with other pets or be an only cat in a family. He just loves home life!

Neutered, fully vaccinated , FIV/FeLV negative

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