Naam: Ginger

Kleur: Rood

Geboortedatum: Maart 2020

Geslacht: Mannelijk


Ginger is a happy and interactive boy.

He is talkative with humans and loves human attention by talking, cuddling or sitting together.
Ηe is close with his family and needs his time with strangers.
He is happy to have a family and a home and share daily moments. He is curious and playful with all kinds of toys and cat trees. He loves cuddles, human company and toys. He is an affectionate and purring companion.
He is easily afraid and easily surprised, especially when he sees something or someone for the first time. If he is really afraid or in danger, he really has a loud voice to ask for help in his own way.
He needs a relaxed family, can be with children. He would love to have a gentle cat playmate, not dominant one (as he will get into a fight for his fear), but can be an only cat as well. Slowly he can get introduced to a nice dog as well.

He gets along with other cats and dogs once he is slowly introduced and feels safe.

Indoors only.
Vaccinated, neutered, tested negative.
Born March 2020