Naam: Frankie

Kleur: rood/wit

Geboortedatum: april 2022

Geslacht: mannelijk


Frankie: white ginger boy born May 2022

On Frantzi Street, the young, only 2-month-old, white-and-orange kitten was found trapped in a car bumper.
Having been transferred to the area, inside this extremely dangerous hiding place, unknown from where, a friend-volunteer heard her screaming, late at night. In his desperate attempt to find his mother and siblings, he was crossing the road vertically.
He was crying, her blue-green eyes wide with panic and was hiding in the car bumpers with vehicles racing past his within breathing distance. It was only a matter of time before anything misfortunate would happen.He neither approached the volunteer, nor responded to invitations.
But the highly attractive bait and the intense hunger of the little one, did the miracle. Slowly and hesitantly, Frankie approached the special trap, stepped inside and the hatch closed behind him.

The little boy was taken to home safety.
He was fed with clean warm food, was cleaned from grease and dirt, dewormed inside and out, and slept on a soft pillow.
The security, caresses and hugs calmed the baby, who slept for hours. When he woke up, his eyes were filled with gratitude. The gratitude that rescued animals know how to show.

Frankie, so named in honor of Frantzi street name, is a modern fighter, who has lived in the unfriendly cities, for stray animals. Despite the sufferings he went through, he is a calm, loving, playful kitty, who enjoys being with people and animals. Cuddly, he loves hugs with people and also plays with the other animals in the house.

He will be given to that home whose owners will make sure he experiences the love, safety, warmth and peace that every living creature deserves. The adopter will know that he saved an innocent soul from a horrific end and given him a happy and forever home.

Indoors only.
Born in April 2022.