Naam: Fivos

Kleur: Black

Geboortedatum: May 2022

Geslacht: Male


Black Cat eyes matter

Fivos is not just a black cat!
Fivos is a velvet purring darling, willing to be your life companion with his happy way!
He loves exploring, running, climbing, playing, chasing little toys and then relaxing for hours in a cat basket.

He was found abandoned on a highway sidewalk playing and mieowing to people passing by and having no idea of the car danger. He was already trustful with people, which made us think he was a home kitten but no family was found in our search.

A gentle and sociable kitten, that loves everyone around him, kittens, human, kids etc.
He loves interacting, he is very anthropocentric, loves stroking and clikes offee.

We asked him about the puuurfect home and answered:
“I do not have high hopes, I know I am black kitty and people avoid me. But I am very good and kind at heart”

Indoors only.
Vaccinated, neutered, tested negative.
Born May 2022