Naam: Filos

Kleur: Zwart/wit, fluffy met een korte staart

Geboortedatum: Oktober 2020

Geslacht: Mannelijk

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Filos, a fluffy black white boy with short tail born October 2020.
Filos got his name from Greek mythology: Filoktitis according to Greek mythology, was king in Thessaly. He was participating in the Trojan War, when he was bitten on the leg by a snake and was in unbearable pain. Filos in greek also means “friend”.
He is a big boy and loves good food.

The poor boy in the photo experienced the same unbearable pain, when -from some wound- his tail became infected and rotten.When found it was a matter of a few days before he was getting sepsis in his blood from this and was in pain. When a volunteer located him, he rushed him to a vet clinic late at night. Medicine worked its miracle and young Filos’ recovery was spectacular. His tail had to be partially amputated to remove the dead tissue, so now he is a cute shot tail boy. He has also been through eye infection in the past, as when found his right eye already had an elevated 3rd eyelid, which is not causing him any trouble and he can see well.

During and after treatment a sweet, tender character was revealed. He accepted treatment gently and offered generous tenderness to his caregivers in return.
Filos has a calm character and loves people. At the moment he is fostered alone, but soon will have a foster friend with him to find out how he gets along with other cats. With people he has a gentle temperament and loves home life.
Vaccinated, neutered.
Born October 2020.

In the last photo is how he was found.