Naam: Fasolaki

Kleur: Calico

Geboortedatum: september 2022

Geslacht: Female


Fasolaki (=little Bean in Greek) was found when she was just 6 weeks old, on a highway. There were 2 kittens, maybe trying to cross the street or find their mother, but her brother did not make it. Mother was not found anywhere.

Fasolaki was so frightened that she was hanging real tight at a small bush, her brother was lying just few inches from her. We picked her up (and her brother to burry him).

Fasolaki came to our foster home and was happy to start feeling safe and relaxed in the next days.
She is a calico (chimera) long hair girl, very pretty and sweet.
She loves to be near humans for cuddles and hugs and also plays nicely with other cats. She needs a playmate.
Indoors only.