Dani & Demis

Naam: Dani & Demis

Kleur:  Tabby/ grijs/ Zwart/ Wit en Tabby/ grijs/ Zwart

Geboortedatum:  Juni 2020

Geslacht:  Vrouwelijk



Dani & Demis were rescued by a cat lady and temporarily fostered in her full house.
Dani and Demy are siblings, very bonded with each other and share playtime, sleeptime, food and affection.
Dani is the white grey girl and Demis is the grey tabby boy.
Dani has more self-confidence and is more sociable than her brother. Denis needs his time to come closer and prefers hsi own family than strangers.
They love people, other cats and home life. They are afraid of dogs.
They love cuddles and affection, showing their happiness with purring and affection. They need a relaxed environment, not suitable for young children. They love to play and climb on cat trees.
Like most cats they will need a few days to adapt in a new environment.
Vaccinated, neutered, tested negative. Born June 2020