Naam:  Dalida

Kleur:  Calico/ wit/ rood/ grijs

Geboortedatum:  Mei 2020

Geslacht:  Vrouwelijk


Name : Dalida
Gender: Female
DOB : May 2020
Colour : Calico (Grey silver, solmon, white)

Medical history: Dalida, is tested Negative to FELV/ fiv and Giardia, fully vaccinated and neutered.

Basic characteristics : Shy, sweet, gentle nature, affectionate, playful and cheeky. Needs a calm house living. Indoora only.

Dalida was carried in our area via a car engine. She was very scared and distant for many days and was always hiding around . We feared that her panic moves were putting her at a great risk with the cars passing around so we went for her trapping.
She gained confidence in herself over her foster care and she is now a posh lady who loves to play and run speedy with a kitten playmate. She has also made a huge progress with her foster mom and she is now a very affectionate and cuddly girl. Once she gets her cuddling time she gets so enthusiastic that she has saliva dripping from her mouth, does baby steps and purrs loud and on.

Being posh of course means that she has her time of independence and her time of privacy that we definitely respect. Such a beauty can afford to be posh and adorable. She can be an only cat but she will also be very happy to share her life along with another playfull kitten