Naam: Dafne

Kleur:  Tabby/ Wit/Grijs

Geboortedatum: Mei 2022

Geslacht: Vrouwelijk


Dafne was found from some firemen when she was only one week old along with her sister who didn’t make it. The firemen called a local volunteer to take over. She was bottled fed at first and a another foster cat soon took over her breastfeeding and daily care. Her new cat mum is Lena who almsot immediately fell in love with tiny Dafne and offered all her love and care.

The little kitty lady is a very social creature, gets along well with cats and dogs, since she was raised amongst them. Dafne is an easy going purring kitty, calm and relaxed and also playful and cuddly.
Little precious Dafne is looking for her own loving family.

Indoors only.
Born May 2022.