Naam: Charmie

Kleur:  wit/ zwart

Geboortedatum: Mei 2o20

Geslacht: mannelijk


Name: Charmie Colour : Black & White Gender : Male Date of Birth: May 2020 Basic characteristics : Affectionate, cuddly, cheeky, very playful and joyful and human centered. For indoor living. Charmie was found at the age of 1.5 months old, crying his heart out on the top of a tree while stray dogs were under, barking at him. We were so impressed that he managed to climb that high and we knew from that day that this tiny guy was super clever and a very dynamic person. He proves that every single day at his foster house. He monitors every single move or step of his foster mom regarding food preparation and he gives the signal to all others with his drama alert screamings. He is a charmful food monster. His fur is soft like cotton and from his body shaping he looks like he is going to be a bear fluffy boy. He is very affectionate and when he sees foster mom cuddling with others he claims with determination for his share in strokes and cuddles. When it comes to play time he is super active and energetic with his cat mates and loves to tease and provoke his bestie girlfriend, Dalida. ( from his dynamic character he would be happy to share his living and energetic nature with another cat. If you consider adopting two, please consider his bestie. Charmie is tested Negative to FELV / fiv and Giardia and fully vaccinated.