Candy *in opvang in Nederland*

Naam: Candy

Kleur: wit/grijs

Geboortedatum: Maart 2020

Geslacht: Vrouwelijk


This beautiful grey white girl was born March 2020. Her name is Candy.
Candy is a beautiful lady with a sweet and gentle character, that’s why we named her Candy. She loves to be with people and have a home life, to play with her cat friends and taking naps on soft and warm places in the sunshine. Candy “adopted” orphan kitten Marieta and they are purring happily together. She likes hugs and cuddles and is a very calm and easy going cat. Sadly she isn’t very happy at the moment in the foster home because a more dominant kitten is causing stress. She would best be homed with a non dominant cat friend. 

You can find multiple videos of her on Youtube:


Candy is vaccinated, neutered, tested negative.

History: Candy was the outside doorkeeper in a super market. She was waiting for people to stroke and feed her and was regular ly at the supermarket post. When we met her during a TNR (=trap-neuter-release) program, it was obvious she liked to be with people. How can a caring volunteer put this sugar baby back in the street, in a village where cats are poisoned, killed by cars or worse?  One more foster place was squeezed amongst other, hoping she will be lucky to find her own loving home.

She is currently in (temporary) foster in the Netherlands.