Naam: Breill

Kleur:  Tabby/ grijs/ wit

Geboortedatum:  Maart 2021

Geslacht:  Mannelijk


A spring afternoon a volunteer spotted a dead kitten and she started looking around for mother and more kittens, as most cats in the area are neutered. She soon found three kittens inside a garage, as the mother apparently thought it was her safe place. The kittens had infected eyes and were taken to the vet for eye treatment.
Frida the calico girl had no infection.
Molly the grey girl had a cloudy right eye that healed immediately with eye drops and she can see well, although outside the eye looks cloudy.
Breill the grey boy had infection in both eyes and after treatment both eyes are cloudy. With time we will know how much he can see. Most probably his left eye will need to be extacted.
The kittens are fostered hoping to find their own loving familes together or separately.
They are all very sociable and cuddly, purrign and affectionate. They need a little time to adapt in a new environment and they need a calm household.
Born March 2021.