Boubouka – In opvang in NL

Naam: Boubouka

Kleur: Beige

Geboortedatum: Augustus 2021

Geslacht: Vrouwelijk



Boubouka is a fluffy beige little girl who was born in August 2021.

She was found in a cat colony during winter days with a lot of snow in the area. Volunteers saw a frozen tiny kitten 4 months old and not breathing well, so they took her to the vet clinic immediately. The diagnosis was pneumonia and she started immediately liquids and antibiotics, as she was skinny and underweight.

The volunteer was impressed with her gentle and social manners and decided to give her a chance to find a loving home, instead of releasing her back in the streets where she has few chances to survive for more than a few months.

Boubouka loves to have a family and likes cats, dogs, people and children. She loves to interact and play, to sleep and sit on the lap, to explore and have fun with cat toys! An easy-going and tender kitten full of love.
She is a charming kitten and loves cuddles at any time.
Her best friend is fluffy boy Mitsakos and they would love to be adopted together, as they share so many moments during the day. 

Video of Boubouka on Youtube

Boubouka needs a home where she’ll stay indoors only as she has no sense of outside dangers and sits in the middle of the streets.
She is vaccinated and neutered. Waiting for test results FIV-FeLV.