Naam: Rico

Kleur:  Zwart/wit

Geboortedatum:  Augustus 2022

Geslacht:  Mannelijk


Rico was miauwing for hours before the cat lady managed to find where he had fallen.
He was in the basement of a construction and obvisouly looked that he had fallen from a car engine.

Video of Rico the day he was found https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YGIospzWUlk

As soon as he felt cuddles and warmth, he relaxed and started eating with apetite.
In the foster place, he felt at home seeing all the cats around him. He gained his strength and is now a happy and playful kitten.

Rico loves cuddles from humans and cat company. He has a relaxed character and loves cat toys and soft fleece blankets to relax. Purring and sweet, affectionate and independant, he loves everyone around him.

Video in https://youtu.be/f1QlyzCC9ow

Indoors only.

Born August 2022