Naam: Bibi

Kleur: Tabby/ grijs/ wit

Geboortedatum: Oktober 2017

Geslacht: Vrouwelijk



Name: Bibi
Gender: female
Colour: Grey White
Date of Birth: October 2017
Medical History:
Bibi had a tail amputation when rescued, because she had a sepsemic big wound on her tail, apparently from cat fight and bites.
Vaccinated, neutered, tested negative.

Basic Characteristics:
Bibi is sociable with cats and people. She is used to live with other cats and likes company.
A cuddly, tender and affectionate cat, very friendly with humans.
Can be an only cat in apartment, indoors only.

Bibi, Dimi and Joey were rescued by volunteers from the house of an elderly lady hoarding cats in really bad conditions withour vet care, neuterings, food and cat litter. Rescuing operation of these cats took place in autumn 2018 and several volunteers shared the responsibility of over 40 cats.