Naam: Bellina

Kleur: Tortie

Geboortedatum: August 2022

Geslacht: Female


Bellina was rescued by a couple of volunteers in Athens coastal area in November 2022.

After work the volunteers were having lunch outdoors and while seating they noticed a 2-3 month old kitten trying to find food amongst the customers sitting around. People were indifferent despite her sweet and playful manners to attract their attention.

It was heartbreaking to see once more…
The volunteers took her with them as after questionning the restaurant staff, they found out her mother was killed by a car.
Bellina was very happy to find herself in an apartment with people and rescued cats.

Bellina shows her gratitude and happiness to her foster family every moment!
She is the joy of life! Friendly and sociable with all cats.
She loves hugs and cuddles, she loves visitors and is an sweet comanion in daily life.
She adores to play with every little toy or leave she finds in the safe balcony and she is extremely cute with her playful manners!
Bellina is a purring and affectionate kitten and she would love to have a cat friend!
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Vaccinated, neutered, tested negative.
Born August 2022.