Batboy- In NL in opvang

Naam: Batboy

Kleur:  Wit/ zwart

Geboortedatum:  Augustug 2021

Geslacht:  Mannelijk



Batboy was miaowing from inside a high tree. He went up there and didn’t know how to get down. A volunteer saw him and saved him from the difficult position. He is now fostered with more cats.
Batboy is a happy and playful kitten. He loves everyone around him, cats and people. He is clever and likes to learn new things by exploring around. When tired he loves cuddles and hugs and sitting next to his fosters on the couch or bed. Purring, affectionate and tender, when not busy with playing.
Born August 2021.
Indoors only or with complete fenced garden or balcony.