Baggie& Bebelac

Naam: Baggie& Bebelac

Kleur: Zwart/ Wit en Rood

Geboortedatum: Mei 2021

Geslacht: Mannelijk & vrouwelijk

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Name : Baggie and Bebelac
Colour : White and Black (Baggie) / Ginger (Bebelac)
Gender : Male (Baggie), Female (Bebelac)
Date of Birth : May ‘21
Previous injuries/ health issues: Baggie had right eye extraction surgery.
Castrated: Yes
Vaccinations: Fully vaccinated
Felv/fiv tests: Negative

Characters: Affectionate, cuddly, joyful and energetic. Easy going and gentle as characters. For indoor living, net fenced balcony is a prerequisite. Baggie is a super affectionate and human attached boy, super cuddly and highly interactive. Bebelac, is very gentle and sweet. She is a posh character lady, but adores cuddling and attention.

Their story:
Baggie was found curled up in the middle of a heavy traffic avenue, at the age of 1 month old. He was standing still and at first we thought we thought it was a bag. When we approached him, we were shocked to see he was a tiny kitty, with one of his eyes severely infected.
With kind patience and cooperation on his side, he took a long period treatment until he reached the age to take his eye extraction surgery.
He is a super affectionate kitten, loves to be cheeky, interacts with everything that is happening at home and has a doggy character. He follows you around, runs speedy when you call his name and has a fearless nature. He is a food monster and adores drinking water from the tap! In other words, he is the definition of joy and love!

Bebelac, is a shy nature lady. Although she seems posh in her attitudes, she is very gentle, sweet and kindhearted. Compared to the crazy extrovert character that Baggie has, she is more introvert and rather shy, needs time to trust and feel comfortable with you. She loves to play hard with her buddy and enjoys playing the drama queen. She adores Baggie, teases him and is very caring for him. She walks around like a tiny pony doll! She is the definition of charm and cuteness!

If you want love, laugh and joy in your life, then Baggie and Bebelac are the best companions for you.