Naam: Babinos

Kleur:  wit/ zwart

Geboortedatum: April 2o20

Geslacht: mannelijk



Many cats and kittens live together in a warehouse with garden and high fence. Since foster homes are full, the next safe place is the warehouse, where they have open crates and can have treatments, if needed.
Babinos was found alone and lost in a garden. No other cat was near him and he seem not to know how he got there.
Babinos is the first to come for cuddles and higs to the volunteers and all visitors. He feels very comfortabel on our lap and in our arms, fits in all shapes and is such a joy to see him so happy! Cat toys and riboons are fun for him and he can play with every little thing he finds on the floor.
Playful, tender and clever, he offers lots of love and purrs to the people around him.
Indoors only.
Born April 2020