Naam: Arisha

Kleur:  Schildpad/ zwart/ rood/ bruin

Geboortedatum: Juli 2020

Geslacht: Vrouwelijk


Arisha was hiding in some bushes next to a central street. She was miaowing and hiding at the very end of the bushes, so the situation was a little complicated. A cat trap was set inside the bushes and Arisha realised there was food in it. The rest was easy, although she was not happy inside the trap, but she ended up in a safe foster home with more kittens. Arisha love sher cat friend. She is a little cautious with people, but she likes cuddles once she feels safe. She enjoys home life and friends, loves her cat baskets and sleeping with other kittens. She likes to be around us, enjoys food time. She always pays attention to what happens around her, which is a result of her difficult weeks inside the bushes, but gaining more confidence every day. She needs the company of another nice cat to share the moments during the day. Her best friend is blind Valentin. Vaccinated. Born July 2020.