Naam: Aris

Kleur: Tabby/wit/ros/zwart

Geboortedatum: Augustus 2021

Geslacht: Mannelijk



Aris was found in a cat colony in Athens, where other cats were trying to hit him as a newcomer to their food. He was a 3month old kitten trying to survive in a big world and those days it was raining a lot. The attached video is just after his rescue.
Seeing him, the volunteers realised that he was too gentle and soft to survive it outdoors. So he was taken in foster care together with more kittens.

Aris is an exceptional kitten with adorable character, he is a lovable and love cuddles and everyone around him. He has a gold heart.
He loves playing with his toys and especially loves cat baskets and boxes and little fluffy dolls and toys.
Indoors only.
Vaccinated and will be neutered next week.
Born August 2021.