Naam: Anouk

Kleur:  Rood/ wit

Geboortedatum: Maart 2021

Geslacht: Vrouwelijk



Anouk was found with her siblings during a TNR program. She was too young for neutering and was taken in foster in the warehouse (until neutering was done) together with more cats and they live in crates with open doors insde a wooden warehouse, surrounded by a small garden with high fence.

Anouk is a cautious and build personal relationship with her caretaker. Once she feels safe and in a relaxed environment, she appreciates cuddles. She is not much the type for hugs and prefers to hide until she decides herself that she wants to come outside and walk around.
She has gentle manners and a relaxed character, just easily stressed. She learns slowly to play and trust people more and more. She likes one more nice kitten as company.
Indoors only and for experienced catpeople

Vaccinated, neutered.
Born March 2021.