Naam: Amelie

Kleur: Zwart/ wit

Geboortedatum: September 2020

Geslacht: Vrouwelijk



Ameli was found when 8 weeks old on the middle pavement between the roads of a very central and busy avenue. She had climbed on a tree and miaowing desperately for 3 days until a volunteer heard her and went to her rescue. As the volunteer found out later, many neighbours heard her miaowing, but no one cared to call a volunteer or help her.
Amelie was ok healthwise, but in shock from all the stress and noise. For the first week in foster, she was crying and trying to get over her adventure.
Once she realised she was safe, she blossomed to a happy and relaxed kitten, playful with other kittens and happy to explore and have fun. She is a smart kitten, she needs a cat companion and loves indoors life.
Vaccinated, tested negative.
Born September 2020.